GBS WATER concentrates on patented water & wastewater treatment and sustainable water desalination, using as much green energy and organic products as possible. Our team has the ability to design, construct and operate all kind of plants and networks.


Every reality, but especially the agriculture industry, municipalities and local governments around the globe are facing increasing populations and industrial growth, stricter regulations and an ever-decreasing supply of fresh water due to the expansion of drought conditions. GBS helps to work out not only the technical solution, but also regarding construction, operation and financing of water desalination solutions.

We are committed to smart, efficient, eco-friendly and economical solutions. Our plants are producing the necessary energy in autonomy, which is one important factor to calculate the price for fresh water production also in the future.

Besides serving municipalities and agriculture, our solutions can satisfy the needs of the oil & gas industry, the mining industry, the power industry and hotels & resorts.


In the electric power and thermal power industry, water is an important factor. The water consumption is forecast to double by 2035. But not only the power industry needs water treatment solutions that meet emission regulations and enable the maximum use of existing resources.

GBS NoName Water Treatment is a revolutionary patented solution for open and closed water cycles. The mix of nutrition gases cleans the network up to 100%, without any chemicals and during operation of the plant or machines.

GBS NoName is completely harmless and does not have to be recycled.

Furthermore, it eliminates the legionella biofilm.

GBS NoName deliver higher energy efficiency as well as lower operation & maintenance costs.


Clean water is the source of life. It is essential to human life, production, and trade. The safe and economic supply of clean water is therefore one of the basic challenges of our time.

GBS NoName Water Treatment is a revolutionary patented solution for all kind of water supply networks. Besides cleaning the network up to 100% without any chemicals, GBS NoName eliminates the dangerous legionella biofilm – the water remains safe and clean for human consumption even in old network systems.

Eliminating the legionella biofilm leads also to a lower use of monochloramine or chlorine, it can be reduced to the legally defined minimum in each area.

GBS NoName is a mix of nutrition gases which is also used for the treatment of food, it is 100% harmless for consumption.


Water supply networks are globally often in bad conditions. The old infrastructure and fast-growing population lead to tremendous water losses, often up to 70%. Besides loosing this amount of valuable fresh water, it is leading to high water production and distribution costs, as energy consumption and water treatment costs are for 100% of produced water.

The GBS team possess the knowledge that is required to safeguard and employ water resources in an optimal manner. The experience starts in collecting the water, water treatment, sustainable energy sources for transport and supply of water, leak and pipe locating, pipeline network rehabilitation and optimisation, and last but not least financial engineering.


The wastewater team of GBS offers standard sustainable solutions for small and mid scale projects, as well as tailor-made large-scale wastewater network and treatment plants.

From only 1 m3/day up to 10.000 m3/day of wastewater, GBS BioPipe is a unique patented wastewater treatment solution for typical household wastewater. It is a complete biological system, so it does not use any chemicals at all.

The output is waster ready-to-use for irrigation, no solids remain.

GBS BioPipe does not have to be connected to any wastewater network, which is an important cost saving factor.

Combined with solar energy the operational costs can be fixed for the next decades.

For large scale wastewater solutions with more than 10.000 m3/day the GBS team offers a complete service starting with project management and engineering & design, installation & commissioning, operation & maintenance and financial engineering.

The range of technical solutions is very wide: Conventional, Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR), Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR), Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR), UCT or Turbo4Bio Bioreactors.