ECO Mining

Metal recycling not merely reduces the impact on nature because of lower mining exploitation, it also requires far less energy.
Recycling of one ton of steel avoids the use of 1,133 kg of iron ore, 635 kg of coal and 55kg of limestone. Additionally,required energy is about 56% less.


Mining waste is an acid composition, destroying the life basis for plants and animals. And it does not matter if we talk about iron, bauxite or gold mining. 1,000 kg of gold ore has to be processed to mine just 5 gr of gold. One of the largest European gold mines are processing 4,500,000 kg every single day – transforming rock and earth into acid slag..



The technological core of GBS ECOMET are unique, state-of-the-art plasma arc furnaces – consuming regularly over 50% less energy compared to traditional furnaces. Thanks to ultra-high temperatures up to 3,000 °C, plasma recycling can cope with any kind of waste, including the most hazardous, high-grade, toxic waste, electronic components, and so on.
Main advantages of GBS ECOMET plasma arc furnaces:

1. High stability of the working process
2. Temperature adjustment by changing the plasmatron
3. High degree adoption of alloying additions
4. A decrease of the impurities content and as a consequence, an opportunity of smelting low-carbon steels and alloys
5. Small pollution of ambient air compared to other technologies