Water desalination powered by solar energy

A water desalination project, powered by solar energy, will receive shortly the permission for construction. Port Pirie, the 6th largest city of South East Australia, will receive in a first step minimum 300.000 mc/year of fresh water. The salt content in the sea is with > 50.000 TDS very high and needs a special and highly energetic treatment. In order to control the energy costs GBS will build an own PV Plant to power the water pumps.

GBS starts wastewater treatment project for the City of Atyrau

Wastewater is a serious issue in Kazakhstan. GBS water division starts a wastewater treatment project for the City of Atyrau. The city with around 400.000 inhabitants is located at the Caspian Sea. The goal is to create an ecological and economical state-of-the-art wastewater solution for the quantity of around 20 million mc of wastewater/day.

Nutrition gas mix project

The City of Liubotyn in Eastern Ukraine signed a LOI regarding two water treatment projects with the nutrition gas mix GBS NONAME: One school with a total of around 800 people, and one part of the Franca Street.

Waste2Energy solution for the City of Petropavlovsk

GBS starts the project development regarding a Waste2Energy solution for the City of Petropavlovsk, the capital of the Northern Kazakhstan region. The household waste of around 210.000 inhabitants is going up to now not recycled to landfills.

GBS starts Waste2Energy project

Waste2Energy in Kazakhstan: GBS starts Waste2Energy project for the City of Taraz (around 400.000 inhabitants). The project will be financed most probably in a PPP.